The Seduction

I languished only half alert in my queen-sized bed not wanting to fully awaken from the activity of the night before. The luxurious purple satin sheets that entangled my aching body were cool to the touch making the morning heat bearable. The window shades kept the room fairly dark even though the alarm clock beside my bed flashed 9:30 a.m.

My muscles and joints ached from the action of the night before. When would I learn to take control? When would I learn not to be pulled in a direction I did not want to take? When would I learn to say no, and mean it? When would I learn to quit giving in to him?

The door to my bedroom creaked as it opened slowly. I peeked through half-closed eyes not wanting him to know I was awake. I wasn’t ready for another round of insanity like the night before. He approached my bed slowly. I heard the sound of a chain as it dropped when it hit the ceramic-tiled floor. My blood curdled. I knew I must acknowledge him because he wouldn’t leave me alone until I did.

I stared into his soulful brown eyes. He climbed up onto the bed and snuggled close to me. He breathed hard as I ran my hand down his hairy back.

“Oh, dear God,” I said. “Is it already that time again?”

He became excited as I moved my body into a sitting position on the side of the bed. I stood, turned around, faced the animal and said, “let me get my jogging clothes on, and don’t drag me through a puddle like you did last night when I fell in the slick mud.”

Duke, the huge mutt I adopted from the shelter had no clue what I was saying, he only knew his morning run was at hand and then breakfast. He wagged his tail and barked!

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